Jill Tisdale Art Reception at Embark We're hosting local artist Jill Tisdale for our first, First Friday art reception in The Collective room at Embark!

Her nature-inspired abstract large oil canvases will WOW you. Enjoy wine, goodies, and community while surrounded by moving expression. Her show will be installed through the end of February.

Artist Statement:

I investigate the control of Nature and conversely the nature of control. I address control on multiple levels: conceptual, physical and personal. I am interested in the push and pull between rigid, controlling human influence, and the wiggly, runny, spontaneous nature of Nature itself.

My paintings are alive while confined on the panel, in the same way as I try to enclose a garden with a fence. To convey life, I use contrasting colors to create vibration, energetic marks and organic shapes. At the same time, I integrate marks that represent fence posts, rock walls and barbed wire—all “human made” and meant to contain— which help satisfy my innate human need for control.

While I value the organic, spontaneous marks that represent the natural world, I cannot let that world be without my human mark, which compositionally form the structure in the painting. I am trying to reconcile my ideal self with my controlling human nature. This struggle to release control and gain perspective is the constant conflict present in my paintings.