HDFFA Fundraiser Meal Kit Pick Up at the Embark Parking Lot

High Desert Food and Farm Alliance Meal Kit Fundraiser

On The Menu: Shakshuka

Brunch for 2 or 4

This ready-to-make mealkit comes packed with locally sourced ingredients to cook and enjoy Shakshuka - a bright and flavorful one-skillet recipe of eggs baked in a tomato based sauce full of North African spices.

In addition to the ingredients, the kit includes: bread or tortillas, spring greens, a sweet treat and beverage or your choice. As well as a link to music (playlist) on Spotify to accompany your meal.

2-person meal: $75
4-person meal: $100

Vegetarian, Carnivore, Gluten and Dairy free options available.


We curate a beautiful kit with locally sourced ingredients.  You take it home and prepare the meal!
  1. Purchase your Meal at HDFFA's Store by May 7th
  2. Chose 2 or 4 person
  3. Choose veggie or meat
  4. Gluten and Dairy Free options available
  5. Pick up your mealkit on May 21st
Instructions will be emailed one week and two days prior to the pick up day.

Make sure to save the date for pickup!

Pick-up Day: May 21st
Location: Embark (Ruffwear) parking lot
2843 NW Lolo Dr, Bend, OR 97703 (Map)
Time: 3pm-6pm (ONLY)

HDFFA will deliver your meal to your car!